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Lunamer AC SET




Lunamer AC (Anti-Acne) range USP

AC Fibre Foam

  • Deep cleanses skin to remove impurities and prevent clogs caused by excessive sebum and accumulation of dead cell.

  • Innovative formula allows 3 ways to use the product for: Regular Cleansing, Luxury Foam Cleansing or Rinse-Off Treatment Mask

AC Skin Conditioner (Normal)

  • Anti-acne Toner that hydrates the skin while controlling acne inflammations with its soothing properties.

  • Beneficial ingredients contained in formula allows the conditioner to be applied directly using fingers lightly tapping conditioner into skin (for regular conditioning), using a cotton pad to gently swab skin or soak cotton pads (to improve dull skin) and leave on affected area for 10min (for acne affected area)

AC Gel Cream

  • Anti-acne Gel Cream spreads easily on skin and works effectively both as an all-over face moisturiser as well as a spot treatment care.

  • Special ly formulated to target acne even on dehydrated skin especially common in adult acne condition

Effective Ingredients in AC Lunamer Range

  • Anti-Acne : glycyrrhetic acid stearyl, tocopheryl acetate

  • Moisturizing Antioxidants : natural vitamin E, soybean phospholipid

  • Moisturising

Anti-inflammatory : Pear Juice Ferment Filtrate,

Belamcanda Chinensis Root Extract,

Vaccinium Myrtillus Leaf Extract,

Cynara Scolymus (Artichoke) Leaf Extract

  • Scent : Orange

AC Fibre Foam

  1. Regular Cleansing

Ideal for : Quick daily cleansing of face that is generally oily and prone to acne

Advantage: Effective for deep impurities removal while gentle enough even for oily skin with sensitive condition

  1. Wet face and hands

  2. Dispense 1cm of product (or as required)and lather onto face and face

  3. Rinse-off with water.

  1. Luxury Foam Cleansing

Ideal for : Combination skin or dehydrated skin that is prone to acne & clogs

Advantage: Effective for deep impurities removal while gentle enough even for sensitive with oily skin condition

    1. Wet foam-producing netting by soaking with water, then squeezing out excess water.

    2. Dispense approximately 1cm of product (or as required) onto foam-producing netting before producing a good quantity of foam by rigorously rubbing the netting between palms.

    3. Collect the foam with your palms before spreading evenly onto whole face & neck.

    4. Rinse-off with water.

  1. Rinse-off Treatment Mask

Ideal for : Excessively oily, black-heads & acne-prone areas on the face

Advantage: Non-drying mask, without powdery fall-out mess. Intensive action that works quickly in 3 min.

    1. Spread product over affected areas & leave on for 3min as a mask.

    2. Emulsify mask with by gently rubbing with wet fingers until a product achieves a white consistency.

    3. Rinse-off with water.